Friday, August 24, 2012

The 411 on Pho' Hoa

For our blog's sake (and yes! my taste buds' as well), I vowed to expand my horizon on food. We have featured different Asian cuisines in our blog already -Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. I'll be featuring Vietnamese this time. Ate Faye took me to Pho' Hoa as my post-birthday gift.

The ambiance of the restaurant is simple and clean. There are other diners when we got there but we were easily accommodated on a booth at the corner. Ate noted that the background music would've been better if it was more ethnic instead of instrumental American love songs. But I dig the fact that instead of the usual condiments, theirs are Vietnamese hot sauce and my favorite...Hoisin sauce

Anyway, it was my first time to try their cuisine so I took a while before placing an order. Everything in their menu was mouth-watering! Here's the catch: It's also good for you! Their motto is healthy eating; Their food items have symbols on the menu: Heart means 'Healthy choice', star for 'Popular choice', red pepper for 'mild spicy', and green bell pepper as 'All veggies'.

For our appetizer, we had Goi Cuon or fresh spring roll shrimp and pork. We were a bit disappointed with the serving size that included eight tiny slices of spring rolls. But it was fresh and chewy. It's delicious-ness was highlighted by the peanut dipping sauce!
Price: 129.00
Category: Healthy, All veggies, & Popular choice
Rating: 4.25/5

Ate Faye went for their Com Ga Nuang Cha Gio (Whew!) which is Vietnamese for grilled chicken and fried spring rolls. Aside from the big serving, the chicken was grilled nicely; giving a flavorful barbecue taste. The sweet vinegar sauce cut the deep-fried taste of the spring roll.
Price: 250.00
Category: Popular choice
Rating: 4/5

Mine was Pho Do Vien. It's their seafood noodle soup which they serve with fresh lemon slice, bean sprouts, and mint leaves on the side. The vermicelli noodles had a bite to it and topped with squid ball halves, juicy shrimps, fish fillet, onions, and green leafy vegetables. The ingredients complimented the savory soup well.
Price: 285.00
Category: Healthy choice
Rating: 4.25/5

More food firsts next time!


Pho' Hoa - G/F Trinoma Mall, North Ave. Cor. Mindanao Ave., Quezon City


Anonymous said...

let's go back here.. with team-bah, and pata-thin team.. puhleease :)-erika

Anonymous said...

natatawa ako, "anonymous said", pero nakalagay yung pangalan ko.. hehe eh kasi, this is my 8th time to leave a comment di ko nakikita tapos nabsa ko yung note:You will be asked to sign in after submitting your comment.

..kaya pala, di naman ako nagsasign in, kaya siya ndi na-publish, lols talaga!!! -Erika

Faye & Martha said...

Hi Eka! Haha ang kulit. Let's go out again some time. :)