Wednesday, June 27, 2012

'Cause It's the Way to Go!

Hakao my heart 
My family loves Chinese cuisine. So whenever we eat out, we always go for restaurants that serve congee, cold cuts, and the likes. One of our favorite places is Causeway Seafood Restaurant along Congressional Ave., Quezon City.

They serve a wide range of Chinese delicacies there from noodles (Their birthday noodles are the best!), Lo Han vegetables (Which is made up of straw mushrooms, crunchy water chestnut, and brocolli) up to various dim sum and dumplings they push along and offer in a cart as you eat. Some of the yummy choices are:

Can't choose which one to try first! 
Pork siomai- Juicy, tender pork meat with small pieces of chopped shitake mushrooms give this treat an edge over your typical siomai.
Seafood roll- This roll is made up of crab stick and perfectly steamed fish wrapped in lettuce that breaks apart and melts in your mouth.
Beancurd dumplings- You'll find just the right balance between sweet and savory in this pork and shrimp mixture with brown sauce.
Hakao- Our personal choice! Beautiful, chewy balled shrimp delicately enveloped in translucent wrapper.

Order several of these plus a mound of Yang Chao fried rice and voila! You have an instant oriental feast. Of course, like a true Asian tradition, drink plenty of their free tea to cleanse your palate afterwards. That's it. Lai cha lo! :P

Rating: 4.5/5


Causeway Seafood Restaurant - 7 Congressional Ave., Brgy. Bahay Toro, Quezon City

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che said...

Dumpling galore + yang chao fried rice = SOLB!
Parang kami lang yan ah! Hehehe!

Word for the day: mound ^_^