Saturday, August 31, 2013

Snack Attack (Part 2)

After the items we've mentioned last year, here's our new-found favorite munches:

1. Not the Philosopher
     Plato Wraps (pronounced as 'pla-to' like the Tagalog term for plate) originated from Dagupan City. Good thing their stalls are all over the country. Once we've taken a bite of their bestseller, Chunky Chicken, there's no turning back. Generous chicken spread and cucumber slices wrapped in grilled pita. Yummy, healthy, and affordable. They also offer a variety of palaman and pita breads.

*Price: ₱46.00 (big size)

 2. This Shake is Bananas
     Get a sweet dose of potassium at Saba Republic. Their shakes are made out of plaintains. You can have it paired with another fruit. Combinations I like are Banana Buko and Banana Mango. You can also have it plain. Either way, it's refreshing up to the last slurp!
*Price range: ₱39 to ₱55

3. Mochi Mochi
     Gavino's Japanese donuts are mm-mm good! Their dough made out of glutinous rice is chewier than your average donut. Their mochi balls (which are rice cakes with yummy filling inside) and mochi donuts have various flavors to choose from. Our faves are: Cream ball, Red velvet ball, Glazed donut, and Green-tea glazed donut.
*Price range: ₱15 to ₱25 for pon-de-balls
                        ₱29 to ₱39 for pon-de-rings

Will keep you posted for more snacks to attack!


Plato Wraps - 2F Main Bldg., SM North Edsa, Quezon City
Saba Republic - Lower Ground Floor, Food Court, Bldg. A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
Gavino's - Lower Ground Floor, Landmark, TriNoma, Quezon City

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back with The Calling

Ever listen to songs and be reminded of a certain time in your life? 

I get that a lot particularly with those of the late '90s and the early 2k. One band that takes me straight back to puberty is The Calling.

I was such a fan (still am, actually) of them, I'm outright devastated when they disbanded. It was so early on their career and after making only two albums, namely: Camino Palmero and well, ironically, Two. The beauty of music though is that it never dies. More than ten years later, I can still plug in my earbuds to enjoy the melodies of my past.

Some genius in 2011 compiled The Very Best of The Calling and spared me the trouble to pick between their two albums. Alex Band's husky, grungy voice is perfect for their alternative rock instrumentation. Plus it doesn't hurt that he looks so cute (Teen and adult me nods simultaneously). Band co-wrote all their songs with Aaron Kamin who co-founded the band.

All time favorites are "Wherever You Will Go" (which sadly has been defiled many a time in videoke sessions), the angst-filled "Adrienne", and the emo anthems "Could It Be Any Harder" & "Stigmatized". Less popular but great tracks no less are "Nothing's Changed", "One by One", "Anything", and "Dreaming in Red". I also like "Things Will Go My Way" and "Our Lives" because of their inspiring messages.

Here's the best part: I heard that The Calling will be reforming. I'm pretty excited for their big comeback.

How about you, what music makes you nostalgic? :)