Saturday, August 4, 2012

One Fine Night

Posing with her Blizzard
Last night my friend Che and I met for dinner. We decided to eat at Recipes by Cafe Metro, a restaurant that serves Filipino dishes. We shared an order of Chicken Sotanghon Soup and Lechon Kawali with Kangkong. The food was okay. Nothing sensational or anything but the servings were big and the place nice and quiet. The price on the menu ranges from  110 to 280. I'd rate it as 3/5. For dessert, Che bought Dairy Queen's Blizzard. Hers was Double Dutch and Butterfinger for me.

In between bites and slurps, we discussed family, work, future plans, and juicy gossips. We didn't see each other for about six months so there was quite a bit of catching up to do. I had to remind her of the time because her sons will be waiting for her. She said she ordered a present for her father. Someone will deliver it to her in half an hour and asked if I could I wait with her for a while. I said, 'Of course'.
Book-inspired cupcakes

 I was delightfully surprised when Che handed me one of the bags the delivery person gave her. It was a dozen of Alarma's cupcakes decorated with books on top. Her 'Belated Happy Birthday' or 'Happy Belated Birthday' gift, she said. I didn't know what she told the baker but I truly liked the design concept. Very creative. It didn't hurt that the chocolate-banana cupcakes were delicious. What a fun way to end the evening. Thanks, Mare! Sa uulitin! ;p


Recipes - 2nd Level Trinoma Mall, North Ave. Cor. Mindanao Ave., Quezon City
Dairy Queen - 2nd Level Atrium Trinoma Mall, North Ave. Cor. Mindanao Ave., Quezon City

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che said...

Thank you mare for featuring me again in your blog. Im glad you liked the cupcakes. And yes, sa uulitin! :-P