Friday, October 28, 2011


Madalas, napagbibiruan ang pagiging 'kuripot' daw ni Tito Danny. Sabi nga sa sobrang sipag at pagtitipid, naging paborito niyang pampalipas oras ang panunulsi. Panunulsi ng sirang kobre kama, kumot o di kaya'y lumang sako ng bigas.

Ngunit ang totoo, si Tito Danny ang isa sa pinaka-mapagbigay na taong nakilala ko. Hindi lamang sa materyal na bagay kundi sa mas importante, mas mahalagang pamamaraan. Kasama ng kanyang asawa at mga anak, buong puso niyang binuksan ang kanilang bahay at buhay para sa amin.

My beloved Tito Danny with his family
Naaalala ko pa nuong ako'y nasa kolehiyo at hindi ako madalas makadalaw sa Cabanatuan. Minsan, tila may pagtatampo niyang sinabi sa akin na "umuwi naman kayo dito" o kaya'y "bakit hindi muna kayo magbakasyon dito sa amin?". Eh, hindi nga ba't nagpagawa pa siya ng mga karagdagang silid para sa mga kapatid at kamag-anak niyang bumibisita?

Nang mawala si Lola Anya, akala ko mawawalan na rin ako ng mga masasayang alaala sa Cabanatuan. Hindi pala. Si Tito Danny pala ang papalit sa puwang na iyon. Siya na ang naging sentro ng aming pamilya. Siya rin ang nagbuklod sa kanilang magkakapatid at sa aming magpipinsan.

Kaya nga kahit sa huling pagkakataon, nais kong magpasalamat sa kanya. Sa lahat ng kanyang ibinahagi sa akin; sa walang pag-iimbot na pagpapatuloy niya sa kanyang tahanan at sa mga walang katumbas na mga alaala.

Maraming salamat, Tito Danny. Mahal na mahal ka namin. Hanggang sa muli.


Are You Online?

Ever wondered what life would be like if the internet didn't exist? I hate to admit it but I don't. You see, I've lived half of my life without it. Now it seems that the world would stop spinning if the 'World Wide Web' (this was how it was first known) is gone.

I remember the days when I have to do my homework or research using the trusty, old encyclopedia or I go to a library to use the card catalog (remember this?) to find the book I wanted. These days however, with just a click of a button, all the information I needed (and didn't need) is in front of me! My encyclopedia was replaced by Wikipedia! Yes, studying has been elevated  to the next level. Teachers could now post assignment on their web page and students just email them their answers. No biggie.

Communication also hasn't been the same since the dawn of the 'online era'. Just recently, I reconnected with a childhood friend through the social networking site called Facebook. I have lost touch with her for about 25 years and she tracked me there. The beauty of such site is that people can easily find you. The downside though is that well, people can easily find you.

I got this drawing from (where else?) the internet :)

But the internet doesn't just let you reacquaint with an old friend, you can also meet new people or maybe even The One. I'm talking about online dating. I was a witness to a story where a friend of mine met her future husband at a match-making site! This may be a foreign idea to some but its quite a common occurrence on the net, really.

The internet can now also be used to showcase your talent (or lack thereof). Have you heard of Justin Bieber? He was discovered on YouTube. A video of him was posted doing his stuff and voila! Superstardom! Or if you're the entrepreneurial type, there's eBay for you. You can buy and sell anything and everything under the sun on that website.

Not all though is about silliness or goofing around; The latest news around the globe is delivered in sites like CNN and BBC, they're on 24hours a day.

The internet has revolutionized our way of living that we sometimes think we can't function without it. Heck, even my 4-year-old niece, Sophie, uses it! But we also have to be careful on how we actually use it. Remember, everything we put in it will be recorded, reported and re-posted, forever.



Monday, October 3, 2011

A Katy-riffic Playlist

Guess who's this singer?

Before she became a California gurl, she was one of the boys first (not to mention, kissed girls and liked it!). Well, my clues are quite obvious, aren't they? It's no other than the adorable Katy Perry. Although I love her third album, Teenage Dream, today I want to feature her other record, One of the Boyswhich was released back in 2008 and paved her way to stardom.

As you may well remember, the album includes "I Kissed a Girl" which stirred a bit of controversy when it was first released because of its liberated message. It was a bold move but it was worth it; Everybody was talking about Katy Perry after that!

It was soon followed by dance-able hits like "Hot n Cold", "Waking Up in Vegas", and the heartfelt ballad, "Thinking of You"...All of which were turned into cool music videos. Other must-hear tracks are "One of the Boys", "Ur So Gay", "Lost" and "Self Inflicted". The lyrics are mostly about relationships but each song is unique and tells a different story.

Katy's voice is sweet yet edgy. Her fun and girly persona is surely translated to her songs. Whenever I listen to them, I can't help but think of glitter and pink stuff! I don't know, there's something really magical about her music! Simply put, Katy Perry brings out the 'kikay' in me. ;P

xoxo, (See?)

-Martha <3

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blue Devil

Away you go, Boo
Away you go, I say
Don't stop, stare or linger
Don't ask me if you could stay

Try not to come back
Try not to pester me
I want to be rid of you
I want you to shoo

No space for you and me
No space that I could see
Let me go, oh please,
Let me be