Monday, September 19, 2011

Japan in a Bowl

Oh my! September's almost over and we haven't posted entries yet! I guess it's been a busy month. Nevertheless, my Ate and I weren't that busy to try new food.

We were at the mall one afternoon and we went to have a bite at Yoshinoya. I was at the counter, about to order our all-time favorite beef gyudon, when I saw on their menu board that it wasn't available. So we opted for 2 bowls of beef misono instead.

We savoured their misono almost as much as we would have their gyudon. The two tasted alike, except for the fact that their misono has a sweeter, smokey flavor and that the onions were too chunky and raw! We easily removed them from our bowls though and enjoyed the rest of the meal. The sweet ginger sauce went well with the beef and the shitake shu-mai was good as always. We also tried their new side dish in the form of potato balls. The potato balls were crisp on the outside and had a nice surprise of crab meat bits on the inside. Yuuum!

Lastly, we had their refreshing red tea to quench our thirst. Once again, we paid the price for our gluttony as we could barely move by the end of our lunch! We even had a goodie bag to bring home. Our meal costs exactly ₱455. Not bad, huh?

So next time you eat out, why not grab a pair of chopsticks and say, 'Itadakimasu!'? v:)

Rating: 4/5


Yoshinoya - 2F Main Bldg., SM North EDSA, Quezon City

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pagkain yan na nga ba sinasabi ko e >:))