Saturday, August 18, 2012


I've been regretting something lately. I should have bought tickets to Maroon 5's concert in the country this September, that is! Boy, they sold out like hotcakes! It's no mystery though. This pop rock band has gained a lot of fans ever since their debut in 2002... 10 years later and these guys are still making good music!

This is evident in their latest album, Overexposed. It includes the much popularized, dance-able "Moves Like Jagger" and heartwarming "Payphone", featuring Christina Aguilera and Wiz Khalifa, respectively. Other songs that I like are the reggae-infused "One More Night", disco-feel "Ladykiller", and emotional "Sad" and "Daylight". But the ones on top of my list are the sweet ballads, "The Man Who Never Lied", "Wipe Your Eyes", and "Beautiful Goodbye". 

The lyrics are about love, heartbreak, and adultery. Interestingly, all songs in the album are co-written by Adam Levine who also renders his sexy, funky voice as the band's lead vocalist.

Overexposed has not yet lived up to its title, as some songs are still unfamiliar to the public. But they had just launched the album last June so I'm definite that the songs I've mentioned will skyrocket the charts in time. And for now, I have to settle listening to them through my iPod and save up for their next concert. If only this blog has sponsors. Lol! Just kidding! 'Til next time! :D


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