Friday, January 31, 2014

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Winter is probably over in some countries but that didn't stop Frozen from taking the world by storm.

This Disney animated film is about two princesses of Arendelle. Elsa is born with the power to create ice and snow. One instance while playing, she accidentally injures her younger sister Anna. This led her parents to take measures to conceal her strength. Until years later when Elsa could not hold it in anymore and puts the kingdom in eternal winter...

There are several factors that make Frozen one of the highest-grossing films. First off, the animation is truly amazing. They showcase snow in lots of stunning ways possible. Second, the story breaks away from conventional fairy tale films. It's not about the damsel-in-distress in need of a prince charming. It sets a new and valuable lesson: You can be your own hero. Last and probably the biggest factor of all is the music. It heightens the charming and magical appeal of the film.

I commend Disney for their ability to produce a heart-warming story transition in just a matter of seconds. "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" did just that. "For the First Time in Forever" is sang so well by the talented Kristen Bell it captures Anna's sentiments perfectly. "Love is an Open Door" is a cute and unique duet (You'll see why in the latter part of the movie. Don't want to spoil ya.). Even the short lullaby "Reindeers Are Better Than People" is sang nicely and warmly by Jonathan Groff. Of course, who could forget Idina Menzel's "Let It Go"? Who else out there is guilty of memorizing the lyrics with matching actions? Haha. It's my favorite musical scene in the film followed by the trolls' adorable performance in "Fixer Upper".

I can't think of anyone not enjoying this movie! I was transformed into a little girl as I watched the entire thing, awestruck and giddy. I just love it. Thank you, Disney!

Okay, bye. :)


Thursday, January 16, 2014

The House You Want to Live In

Some things are just aptly named. Kudos to the owners of House of Lasagna... Just hearing it makes me crave the layers of goodness it promise. I want to sneak in their kitchen and hide there forever. Haha!

Lately, I've been frequenting the place (legally, mind you) with my best friend Mia. The ambience is simple with neutral palettes and warm lighting. The lovely smell of garlic and herbs as you enter is what lures you in. Just as expected, they specialize in lasagnas. So far, they're offering 10 different kinds. We've tried five and all are really good. Each one is served in sharing portions and served with a complimentary basket of unlimited garlic bread to wipe your plate clean. Yey!

Carbonara Lasagna and Lasagne Frederico
If you want to go classic, try their Beef or Chicken (₱200 each). They do not disappoint. The Lasagne Frederico, their priciest one for ₱400, is larger than the others. Mia and I agree, it somehow reminds us of pizza.

Our top marks go to their Seafood Lasagna and Carbonara Lasagna (₱250 each). Their Seafood has chewy bits of shrimp, clam, and fish in red sauce while their Carbonara is filled with bacon bits, mushrooms, and white sauce. I like that no matter which one you order, their pasta's cooked to perfection and stacked with generous helpings of flavorful sauces.

Their menu also has other pasta and non-pasta dishes like soups and steaks. You can also try their desserts such as cheesecakes and caramel flan. Personally, their lasagnas are enough to keep me coming back... Best ones I've ever tasted.

Rating: 4/5


House of Lasagna - Eton Centris Walk, Quezon Ave., EDSA, Quezon City

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How To Be Bad

I started the new year not by having a resolution but by watching the critically acclaimed TV series Breaking Bad. When I say watch, I mean marathon-wise. I finished the entire five seasons in about ten days (would've been faster if I didn't have to go to work). It's that addicting (no pun intended).

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is an over-qualified high school Chemistry teacher. On his 50th birthday, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Worried about leaving nothing to his pregnant wife and his teenage son with cerebral palsy, he turned to manufacturing (cooking) methamphetamine. Together with his former student Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, they traversed the many twists and turns of the underground drug world.

Created by Vince Gilligan, the series ran from 2008-2013 and amassed recognition from the Emmy's to Screen Actors Guild's to the Golden Globes'. To say that the actors who played them were brilliant would be an understatement. For me, it started as a sort of dark comedy but turned full on drama. The writing plays with your emotions (and morality) from beginning to end. The show keeps the audience wondering: 1. Who is the hero, who is the villain?; 2. Crime doesn't pay... or does it?; and 3. Does the end justify the means?

I could answer all of those (I could even tell you the number of bald guys in this series) but I assure you, it's better to find out yourselves. Peace, yo!