Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Big City's Burgers and Sausages

Big City at SM The Block
Last Saturday, we (Martha & I) worked up an appetite shopping and running errands. That afternoon we were craving for burgers. We came upon Big City, a food joint that serves grilled hotdogs, hamburgers & sausages.

It seemed a nice, little place that sits about 25 people. As the name implies, the setting is pretty urban, bright, and straight-forward. The menu board categorizes their three main items, each with different choices. I decided on a Beddar Cheddar sausage with chilibeef as topping (other toppings include relish and onion). Martha chose the Broiled Burger with cheese and bacon. Each order came with onion rings and a drink. Mustard, mayo, and ketchup placed in big condiment dispensers were available on the counter.

Martha's treat (Burger meal: P145, Sausage meal: P130)
The sausage was tasty and meaty however the chilibeef was sadly untasted as its serving was pretty thin. The accompanying onion rings were also flavorful but there were only four pieces of it. Martha's burger had a juicy and delicious 100% beef patty. Though she said she would have liked more veggies on it instead of the flimsy slice of the lettuce and tomato.

Because the meat were grilled, the place had a bit of a smoky air smell.  I don't know if this was always the case but the order taker/server was by his lonesome. He was unsmiling and you're almost wary to ask him questions (he seemed pretty busy). He thanked us politely as we leave, though.

The burger and sausage were yummy and savory with average serving size but the side orders and general atmosphere could definitely be improved.

Rating: 3/5


Bonding Time

Martha decided to treat me to an afternoon of carefree, relaxing, and fun time. She said it's her birthday gift to me. It was also a time for us to get ideas for or finalize blog entries. We headed to a nearby mall where we spent quite a bit of time sampling make-ups, trying on dresses and shoes. Shopping is never more fun when you're with a good friend, luckily that's also my sister.

L-R: Martha can't seem to find the right blush; Me deciding if I should buy the shoe (I didn't)
With curious looks from other shoppers and nice enough sales ladies we got to take some pictures for our site. Although Martha didn't get to buy anything ('What outrageous prices!'), I took home a cool, gray hoodie. And after grabbing something to eat we finally called it a day.

I squeezed three blog posts for that outing alone. Time well spent, don't you think? ;)


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Unexpected Happiness

Every year on my birth month, May, I try to do something special for myself. This year however I was to be away from my family and friends... For work (Surprise!Surprise!). On my birthday, my colleagues (from TWG) and I went to Baguio City, a few hundred miles from Manila.

Flowers & scarves
I was determined to make the day as regular as possible and not think of it as 'my day'. To be honest though I was a little bit down but tried to fight through it by being 'positive'. I made a mental list of why I should be thankful instead: I have my family, health, work, and friends. Plus, I'll be meeting new people and I owe it to them to be the best speaker I can be. They traveled far and will be away from their loved ones, too.

I was pleasantly surprised when my colleagues greeted me and later presented me with a dozen red roses and colorful scarves! I didn't think they'd remember my birthday and I was truly touched. Thanks, everyone!

Faye & Faye
Another speaker and my roommate in this trip is also named Faye! It was the first time I met her but she said she knew me already by sight. You see, our workplace is just a few buildings apart. As the days went on, I found out we have quite a few things in common, aside from our names. I'm glad to say I made a new friend.

To top it all, our seminar was a success! Life sometimes has a funny way of presenting itself. What started as a lonely journey turned out to be a happy, memorable one.