Friday, July 6, 2012

Why I Became an FB Resister

'Hi! My name is Faye and I am a Facebook addict.' This could have been my introduction in a rehab facility for FB addicts. Well, if such a place exist, I mean.

There were over 800 million FB users when I decided to quit it cold turkey style. First to notice that I'm MIA (Missing in Action) were my gaming friends. They were worried about me and asked my sister for my whereabouts and my general 'well-being'. At first I was touched that they care so much but then I realized they're probably just curious why I haven't sent them the 'gift' or 'energy bar' they asked me. :) Just because they can't find me in Facebook doesn't mean I'm not okay. Sheesh!

Then my RL (Real Life) friends started to text or e-mail me. Some asked if everything's okay or 'Why haven't you been in FB? Why?' Some even gave me the cold shoulder for a while because they thought I 'un-friended' them. That last one made me laugh. :D I have to reassure them that we're still friends even if I'm not using FB anymore.

The thing is, I've outgrown Facebook. It's ironic because the reasons I stopped are the ones that got me to use it in the first place. The thrill of finding old friends, to catch-up on each other's lives, then you keep in touch, and before you knew it you're being updated with every single thing that has happened to them since they wake up in the morning 'til they say 'Good night! Time for some shut-eye!' I'll give you something to shut your eye. Just kidding.

Don't get me wrong, I love catching up with my friends but when is information shared became too much information? People in FB love posting pictures: of themselves, places visited, friends met with, meals ate, and most especially of their love ones. One classmate even posted a picture of his toddler son taking a bath! He became too complacent and comfortable in Facebook that he didn't think it inappropriate. You're also compelled to click the 'like' button whenever your friends post something otherwise they may think you didn't like it. Hahaha!

One of my many (cringe-worthy)
profile pics. Narcissism much?
In some weird (or convenient) way FB has also become a place for self-promotion. One FB friend posted everything she owned. Every bag, shoes, and gadget she'd ever gotten. Alright! I'm not without a hint of envy when she paraded them before my eyes. But maybe this is the real reason she posted them in the first place? A sort of status symbol for her, if you will.

You know what the saddest part is? I did all of those, too. I posted things I did, places I've been to, and created album after album of pictures I can't even remember. I also wasted tons of time playing FB games. Well, truth be told it did de-stress me during those times (until later when it didn't).

Facebook has become a way of life that we seem lost when we did not log-in on it, at least once a day. We forget that there are other ways of communication. Like phone calls (land line or cell), text messages, e-mails, or even snail mails (people still use this, right?)

I treasure the friendships I've made through Facebook and I'm not saying that those who still use it should stop. I'm just proud to say that I'm 100 days sober and counting.



che said...

"youre also compelled to click the like button whenever your friends post something otherwise they may think you didnt like it." - GUILTY! hahaha!

Try ko nga di mag log in kahit isang beses sa isang araw. Hmmm...

Faye & Martha said...

go for it, che! :)