Friday, July 27, 2012

Think Blots

I'm an introvert. It's not that I don't like mingling with people. Of course I do. But I find it just as enjoyable sitting by my own at home, reading or pondering about things. Sometimes it's hard to express them through speaking. Instead, I rather put it into writing. In all forms, that is.

As a kid, I'd write on our walls with crayons. A few years more, I scribbled entries on my diary. (Dear Diary, I saw my crush today... Haha!) I wrote essays and reaction papers for school; Poems and articles for the school newspaper. My mind was bursting with ideas for potential short stories and novels in the making.

But then college came. I was persuaded to take up a course on Science. Suddenly, I stopped writing. I believe I was disheartened. The girl who always dreamed of becoming a writer took a different path. All I could think of was, 'I'm not meant to be one.'

BUT I WAS WRONG. Yes, I ended up in the medical field (And proud of it!) but it doesn't mean I can't be other things as well. My sister, whose profession is related to mine, never thought she could write either but here we are, aren't we? I've come to realize that writing is a privilege and a right. Anyone can be a writer as long as with passion.

We're very blessed to be able to publish our works easily nowadays. Today, Ate Faye and I celebrate our blog's first anniversary. Cheers to writing! :)



qwerty said...

happy 1st martha and ate faye (haha nakiki-ate)
you're born to be a writer! though not by profession but by passion :)
*hugs* i miss you! :)

Faye & Martha said...

Thank you, Qwerty! I miss you, too! Let's keep dreaming! :)