Friday, July 20, 2012

Caught Sushi-Handed

Last June, my best friend Lou bestowed me the honor of being his 'partner in crime' as we celebrate his birthday. That lunch slash dinner, we pledged guilty to sushi hoarding and diet-breaking. Lol! You see, he treated me to Sakae Sushi's sushi-all-you-can promo for P399/head at SM North Edsa- Annex.

Upon sitting at our booth, our eyes feasted on the conveyor belt or Kaiten as they call it, bearing various kinds of sushi and sashimi on different colored plates. Like children trapped in a candy store, we started grabbing plates excitedly! If we didn't go buffet-style, we would've paid a fortune since plates were priced per color:

Red/Purple- P99
Green- P79
Yellow- P59

We enjoyed most of the items we picked such as the california mini maki, *tamago nigiri, *kani salad inari, and crispy fried fish. (Okay, so we didn't know how to call the things we ate then but I researched them for ya.) There were plates we kinda regret taking like their salmon sashimi. But we had a laugh trip watching each other's reaction as we chew and barely swallow it! I'm not a sashimi-fan anyways but Lou said he had better ones elsewhere. 

There were also items we avoided from the Kaiten like the alien-looking sushi topped with neon green fish roe. Their promo comes with bottomless green tea and miso soup. Lou didn't like the soup but I did. It's like a palate-cleanser after we got weary by all the sushi we devoured.

I still relish that day as I reminisce through this blog. Not only did I taste good food, I also got to bond with one of the best people I know. Thank you, BFF! More crimes with you soon! ;)

Lou and me. So Kawaii. :))

Rating: 3.5/5


*tamago nigiri (Japanese). noun. hand-formed sushi topped with sweet egg.
*kani (Jap). noun. crab stick used as sushi ingredient.
*inari (Jap). noun. pouch of fried tofu filled with rice and others.


che said...

Try nga namin minsan buffet nila. Feeling kasi namin di sulit eh. Anyway, thanks for the info. :-)

Faye & Martha said...

Ate Che, puro sushi lang po kasi yung included sa buffet nila pero worth-it yung experience. Thank you for reading our blog! <3