Saturday, July 27, 2013

Good News

Today, fayeandmartha reached a milestone by reaching a hundred blogs! :)

We've been putting thoughts to webpage (I would've said 'pen to paper') for two years now and although we're not widely viewed, I am very thankful. I feel a surge of special pride and joy for this but I feel more so for my beloved sister. 

Ate Faye often say that I'm a better writer than her but I beg to differ. I admire her courage to express her opinions, even if not everyone will agree. She doesn't just do reviews, she creates originals. She likes sharing her own ideas and adventures. Her entries give our site a more personal touch. I vow to follow her example more.

Writing keeps our minds healthy, I think, and we've grown since from our first ever blogs. Most of all, if I am to give our blog credit for anything, it brought the two of us closer. It gives me extreme comfort knowing we'll always have each other. Sharing this blog is one of the best decisions we've made. I hope our passion will last as long as our sisterhood. 

Raise your glass! :)


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