Saturday, July 27, 2013

...and Many More to Come!

I can't believe two years has passed since my sister Martha and I started writing or should I say, blogging. We have covered quite a lot of topics ranging from books, movies, sisterly bonding, to food. Most definitely, food. :P

I can't say that it was always easy coming up with an entry. I've had my bouts of tamad-itis (I've insisted it's writer's block). Besides, I work better under pressure (cramming maybe the more accurate term) writing two to three blogs in one sitting.

But it is always the same feeling after publishing a post. I'd feel elated, liberated, and proud that I was able to finish an 'article' (this is what Martha and I really call our blogs).

I would like to think (wish) that I'm getting better at this (because Martha is already great, I'm miles behind her). I also wish that we don't get tired of writing more blogs in the future. Happy Anniversary! :)


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