Sunday, May 25, 2014


The culprits with my birthday cake and bottles of vino
I've been involved in throwing surprise parties a few times but I've never been at the receiving end of it. That's why when Martha and a few friends from work threw me one for my birthday this year, I was completely flabbergasted.

I was confused and befuddled at first then humbly touched and very happy. I knew what it entails to prepare a party, let alone a surprise one. My heart swelled when I learned of how they pulled it off, without me having the least bit of clue.

The theme could only be described as Disney Princess Slumber Party. Every girl should be made into a princess at least once in her life, right? They even made me wear a tiara! :) I'd say that's one night I'll forever look back with fondness. Thanks, girls! <3


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