Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Shopaholic Series

Books are like people. 

They make good companions and have personalities, too. There are those that inspire, teach, or entertain. Sometimes after I read intense ones, may it be a "heartbreaker" (like The Fault in Our Stars) or a "teacher" (like Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist), I seek the comfort of a fun-loving "girlfriend" which I found mostly in the form of Sophie Kinsella's works.

Kinsella's heroines are charming and, truth be told, crazy. Her writing is witty, romantic, and downright funny. Her biggest success, The Shopaholic Series, stars Becky Bloomwood, a smart and hip financial journalist who has a secret addiction...Shopping!

Her impulse to swipe her credit card plus an overactive imagination stirs trouble. Good thing she has a quirky set of family and friends (perhaps a man, too?) to help her.

Mind you, following Becky's life is quite addictive as well. So far, there are six books in the series...and still counting. I'm glad her adventures are not yet over.

Like a true girlfriend, trust The Shopaholic to brighten up your day and give you a tip or two about fashion, love, and life.


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