Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's Your Flavour?

Last week, after an afternoon of prayers and solemn vigil with my family, we head to Flavours of China to chatter merrily while dining. A perfect day, if you ask me.

Sure bet, Sherbet!
Oh Miki, you're so fine.
Like most Chinese restos, the interior of Flavours of China (in SM The Block) is warmly lit and cozily furnished with woods and reds. We were served complimentary shrimp crackers which we munched on while waiting for our orders.

Oddly, our desserts were served first. Perhaps it's because of the scorching hot weather (Hello summer!). We didn't mind though since we couldn't resist their best-seller Buco Pandan Sherbet (90). Mouth-watering buco sherbet with pandan jelly and rice crispies. Who knew these simple ingredients would be to-die-for? Daddy had Chicken Lauriat (₱209) consisting of lechon macau, pansit, fried chicken, rice, and buchi. Across, Mommy and Tita Baby slurped on their Siomai Noodle Soup (120) and Sharksfin Noodle Soup (130), respectively. These are thin noodles with dumplings, greens, and savory soup.

As for Ate Faye and I, we chose something new from their menu: Miki Bihon with Lechon Macau (₱240). 'Twas a good thing we shared because of the humongous serving! The miki bihon is tasty and generously topped with seafood, lechon macau, and bok choy. Delish!

Everything we had was palatable. My dining experience was A+ because I was in good company. We were spiritually and physically full. Time is always well spent with family. Again, a perfect day if you ask me. :)

Rating: 4.25/5


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