Thursday, October 11, 2012

When Tablet is Not a Tablet Anymore

When I first heard the word Tablet or Tab, I quickly thought of tablet or tab. Confusing? Well, not really but in my line of work this conundrum may arise more often than you can imagine. So humor me and let me explain that a Tablet is a mobile computer, bigger than a cell phone with touch screen while a tablet is a dosage form one takes when one is sick.

You see, I've recently acquired such a gadget. Though I'm not a techie or anything, I do enjoy learning (nothing bad about owning, too) about new stuff as much as the next person. I will not use much technical terms but this Tab boasts of its Super AMOLED Plus display, the latest Android version, and its light and sleek aluminum body design... In short, the whole kit and caboodle.

This tool alone is a computer, mobile phone, camera, gaming console, library (my favorite feature), audio and video player, and a lot more rolled into one thingamajig. I've had this thing for about a week now but I don't think I've scratched the surface (no pun intended) of its numerous features.

I am continuously fascinated with how our world is being changed (and sometimes dictated) by technology. It is so fast-paced that a new version of the same gadget is on the market in just a few months' time. So technologically advanced that new applications are being invented every day. So cutthroat, this business, that tech companies are suing each other left and right. So lucrative that every advertisement on TV, newspaper, and the internet is about the latest product.

Hmm... I wonder what the next invention will be? Truth be told, I'm crossing my fingers for a time machine. Haha!


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