Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why I Went Away with Norah

Although summer's already over, the hot, humid weather seems to be a keeper in the Philippines. Good thing though, one of my secrets in beating the heat is right on my iPod! Yup! For me, Norah Jones' cool, soothing voice makes the actual weather a few degrees lower.

This pretty Indian-American's debut album in 2002, Come Away with Me, garnered eight Grammy awards just a year after! My Ate bought a copy of it and tried to influence me to listen as well. When I finally did, I wasn't at all surprised how she bagged those awards. She's really good. The album is a gem: All 14 tracks are well-written and replay-worthy as compared to some albums where there are only few promising songs.

I never thought I'd fall in love with jazz and blues. But Jones' converted me by her heartfelt, easy, soulful music. "Come Away with Me", and "Don't Know Why" are the most popular hits in her album but I also think highly of "Shoot the Moon", "One Flight Down", and "The Long Day is Over". All have a slow, melancholic melody but then again this record isn't meant to party with. It's more suitable as mood music for let's say, a long-drive, an afternoon at a cafe, or perhaps while soaking in the tub.

I bet when Norah invites you to come away with her, you'll be swept away like me, too!


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