Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet Logan

Dogs are a great part of our lives. Let me introduce you to some of our pets. This is the first one.

Not camera shy at all
     Loganoy, Longgadog
     May 15, 2005
     Tummy rubs, hugs & kisses
     To be ignored
Brief description:
Logan is of terrier & askal descent. He likes to sleep, snore, fart and eat. If he feels like it, he'll follow your command to: "sit", "stand up", "gimme five" and "bow". He considers himself the "alpha" of his pack and exercises his leadership by disciplining unruly dogs (one may say bullying). When he wants you to do something, he stares at you with his big, pa-cute eyes. He has a toy stuffed dog called "Meng".

I will feature the others in my succeeding entries. Bye for now or as Logan would say, "Woof"!


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