Monday, February 17, 2014

The Vow

Question: If you wake up one day from a coma, lost part of your memory, and Channing Tatum tells you he's your husband, will you believe him?

Answer: Duh! In a heartbeat. Haha!

This is one way to look at Paige's (Rachel McAdams) dilemma. Inspired by true events, The Vow is about a newly married couple whose world is transformed after a car accident left the wife unable to remember her husband, Leo.

This 2012 film shows how their love story began and, eventually, hit rock bottom. Is true love enough to survive the ultimate test to their marriage? Leo's philosophy on moments of impact and how they change us forever puts life in a new perspective.

I love the story so much that I'm appalled to find some friends who didn't like this movie. I don't think it has to be compared to other memory loss-related films (i.e., The Notebook. Hey, McAdams is like the amnesia it-girl!) since it's a different and inspiring story on its own. 

I also have no complaints regarding their acting. I swear my on-screen love for Channing (We're on first name basis, see.) doesn't render my opinion biased. I think the cast delivered nicely. I'm not saying it's academy award performance but they're able to embody their characters and relate to the audience well.

The Vow goes to my feel-good movie pile. I'm keeping the CD nearby for an impromptu re-run. As for those who didn't enjoy as much watching it the first time, perhaps after reading this you'll give it a second chance?


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