Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Love, Zombie

I told you, I love zombies (unlike my sister who begs me to flick to a different channel every time she sees one). From cinemas (Dawn of the Dead, Zombieland) to TV (The Walking Dead), I won't say no to a good zombie story.

In Warm Bodies (2013), I like that instead of screaming at them, I get to view things from their angle. This movie, based on Isaac Marion's novel of the same title, follows the mind of an undead named "R". One day, as he shuffles around to find "food", he meets Julie, a human girl who got separated from her group while scavenging for medical supplies. He becomes drawn to her, hides her in an abandoned airplane, and takes duty on keeping her safe.

Their against-all-odds love story is perfect for Halloween, Valentine's Day, or any day, really. For those who are squeamish like my Ate, I assure you it's not very gory. It's funny, youthful, and exciting. Nicholas Hoult plays a swoon-worthy R, becoming my first ever zombie crush. Haha! I must admit Hoult's gone a long way from his About a Boy days. 

It's that good a film, even cold-blooded creatures will warm up to it. :)


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Anonymous said...

I think ma'am faye does not really hate zombie's I remember were always watching the walking dead before :p I miss you ms. Faye;-))