Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snack Attack

My sister and I are HUGE fans of food... Talk about stating the obvious. :)) We've blogged a lot of meals in the past but this time, I'd like to tackle those delightful little things called snacks. Here's what we're raving about recently:

1. Tub of Happiness
     Chef Tony's Gourmet Popcorn brought sophistication to this favorite movie munch. It comes in different flavors from simple to nutty, classic to new recipes. They guarantee high quality since there's no trans fat, preservatives, and the likes in their popcorn. Also, their special plastic tubs keep the product fresh and crisp for days! Although we doubt you could resist it for long. Plus, it's nice to know that Chef Tony's originated in the country. Our faves so far are White Chocolate Parmesan and Caramel.
*Price: 180.00 for the large tub

2. Mogu Madness
     We just can't get enough of Mogu Mogu (Reminds me of Moto Moto's line in Madagascar, "The name so nice when you say it twice")! It's this fruit drink from Thailand that has real nata de coco or coconut jelly. We've tried 6 out of their 9 flavors (We can't seem to find their Apple, Pineapple, and Peach). On top of my list are Lychee and Strawberry while Ate Faye's are Orange and Buko. The only downside is it comes in a 320mL bottle. It's cute to look at but we wish they have 500mL versions. We've heard they have 180mL and 1L in other countries, though.
*Price: 30.00

3. The Other Julie
     We came across a free taste stand while grocery shopping and discovered Julie's Cheese Sandwich. Initially, we thought Julie's Bakeshop had gone big and tapped the groceries. Turns out it's a Malaysian company specializing in biscuits. Hihi. Anyway, we loved it! The biscuit tastes a lot like Fita crackers but its saltiness marries well with the sweetened cream cheese spread in the middle. My mother insisted we buy some. 22 wrappers with 4 sandwiches in each is worth 250.00. Plus it comes in a sturdy purple 2 decked-tupperware.

Now, did I make you hungry or what?


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