Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Taste of an Angel

I like cozy nooks and new food to try. Our friend Erika taught us just the place. Guess what? It's near where we live and yet we never heard of it before. Angel's Town Cafe has that shop around the corner feel. It is  a quaint cafe smack in the middle and quiet part of the city.

The shop is quite small, able to sit about thirty guests. But it adds to its hidden treasure appeal. They have a glass display in front where one can admire and choose his dessert. They have a good selection of entrees that are pocket-friendly. We've tried the following:

This fish got us hooked!
Ate Faye had their Baked Macaroni (₱73) which is moist and tasty. Daddy's Baby Back Ribs (₱139) is meaty but needed a little more bbq sauce. It can be served with either rice or mashed potato. Their Hamon Croquetas (₱58) are good for sharing. These items are satisfactory. 

Winner potato salad
The ones that got our top marks are their Potato Salad (Solo, ₱59) which has a fantastic twist since they use a mustard dressing, slices of hard boiled egg, and drumroll please...bacon bits! Delish! I had the Fish Fillet Burger (65) which comprises two slabs of cream dory fillet with lettuce and onion in a sesame bun. As for dessert, we liked their Strawberry Cheesecake (₱58). A tart and creamy cheesecake with strawberry glaze. 

They also serve an assortment of beverages. I went back there with my best friend Lou recently and we tried their best-seller Avocado Cream. It's a smooth, creamy blend of ripe avocado and milk with whipped cream and choco sprinkles on top. A taste of heaven in every sip! I'm thankful to have a cafe nearby to enjoy a tete a tete with my loved ones. Bon appetit!

Rating: 4/5


Angel's Town Cafe - 164-B MH Del Pilar St., Between 8th and 9th Ave., Caloocan City

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