Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook

I'm not often updated with movies but I happen to know a pretty good one now. It's Matthew Quick's novel-turned-film, Silver Linings Playbook

"The only way to beat my crazy was
doing something even crazier."
The story features Pat, a recently diagnosed bipolar patient who comes to live with his parents after his discharge from a mental facility. Upon returning in the outside world, he is determined to get back on his feet and mend his relationship with his wife, Nikki. Along the way he meets Tiffany, a girl with her own share of inner demons, and they help each other out. 
"If you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining." -Pat
I like the simplicity of the movie even though it tackles some complex issues. The dark and raw humor subdues the intensity of their situations. The powerhouse cast comprises Robert De Niro as Pat Sr., Bradley Cooper as Pat Jr., and Jennifer Lawrence who won an Oscar with her role as Tiffany. All gave great performances but I was particularly impressed with Cooper's (More so than Lawrence's). His manic, hypomanic, and depressive states are very believable. He doesn't overdo it. He remains true to his character, making Pat a likeable hero.

It's no wonder their ensemble garnered many nominations and awards. This is a crazy, entertaining rom-com minus the usual whim and fantasy. Nevertheless, it is bright enough to give hope to many. A ray of light passing through a patch of clouds. A real silver lining.


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wendy said...

Will watch it soon because of your review haha I'm not convinced with wiki's plot but your review made me want to DL the movie hahaha