Friday, February 1, 2013

Meet Penelope

Penelope is kind, smart, fun, well-bred, and young.

Despite all these beautiful traits, no one seems to want to marry her. Why?

Because she has a pig-face disorder.

I assume a lot of 'Whaaaat?' on your side of the screen. Let me explain.

It has been legend that once upon a time, a vengeful witch has cursed the Wilhern family that the next daughter to be born will have the face of a pig and only when one of her own learns to love her will she be freed from the spell. Hence, five generations after, when a baby girl is born, they are revolted to find the curse true. Penelope Wilhern is born with a snout and pig ears.

Her overprotective parents are then forced to keep her from prying eyes and cruel tongues by confining her inside their mansion. And when she reached womanhood, they began searching for men of noble birth everywhere in hopes of one of them falling in love with her and finally breaking the curse.

"Once the Queen is dead, the King is useless."
I'm surprised that this 2006 film is not known to many. I feel it's under-rated especially since the story is very appealing, both to young and adult audience. It is witty, enchanting, romantic, and inspiring. I love everything about it! Also, one cannot ignore their stellar cast. Christina Ricci plays the title role well with her expressive eyes, delivering a magical performance. Catherine O'Hara is perfect as Penelope's overbearing mother who is funny and empathy-winning. James McAvoy is charming and believable as Max. Reese Witherspoon pleasantly plays a small role in the film (She's also one of the producers!). I also commend Peter Dinklage for being hilarious.

Unlike most fairy tales, the movies' color palette is slightly darkno usual whimsical pinks and powder blueand it is set in real, modern times. Despite these, its positive message is more empowering than any of its kind. I like how the story unfolds with Penelope narrating her story and the moral lessons that ensue. I want to watch it again...and again. It's become a favorite of mine. Meet Penelope. You'll like her, too. :)



faye said...

ok. you've finally convinced me. i'll watch it na.

wendy said...

Ah eto yun :)

Faye & Martha said...

Ate Faye, how was it? :)

WENDY!!! Oo yan yun. Haha. Panuorin mo pag may time. ;)