Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Little Miss Sophie

My parents, a couple of aunts, and I recently visited our relatives in the province. It was our intent to unwind and relax with some of our favorite people. I'd say getting there was half the fun. What should have been a three hour drive turned into five. We kept on stopping at the side of the road since my aunts wanted to buy freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. It didn't matter how long we got there because we had a good time. We bought boiled corn, roasted corn, ripe mangoes, watermelon, and suman. We would've bought some more but we've already reached our uncle's house.

Sophie in her school uniform
There, we were greeted by the family: aunt, cousins, & cousin's kids.  The most enthusiastic welcome came from my funny little goddaughter, Sophie. She's five and very smart. Throughout our stay she told me her favorite stories: about where we should go, her mom and dad, siblings, school, her playthings, her crush (what?!), a red dress she wants me to buy for her (haha..). Funny, I realized I have a lot in common with this five-year-old girl!

In the afternoon, we visited my uncle's grave. It was the first time I got back there since he died last October. My aunt laid some flowers, lit a candle, and then we said our prayers. We still miss him.

That night, Sophie declared she's going to sleep in my room. My cousin asked if it's okay with me and I assured him that it was. I was curious as to what Sophie's up to next. I burst out laughing when I saw her hauling three bags full of clothes, toys, books, and pens into the room. Before going to sleep she amused us with song and dance numbers... Imitating her idols Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. What a talented little girl!

The next day, Sophie learned of our impending departure. She sulked in her room and refused to see us go. Her mom said that Sophie doesn't like saying goodbyes. Though in the end, she kissed us and said her farewell.

Cheer up, Sophie! We'll see each other soon enough.

- Faye

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