Monday, November 14, 2011

Trains, Time Capsules, and Fate

"Fate is a building a bridge of chance for the person you love." 
This is one of the famous lines from the 2001 Korean movie, My Sassy Girl. The story is basically about a boy who meets a girl on a train station (What are the odds you'll meet your other half while riding the LRT or MRT, eh?).

The boy, who is meek and sensitive, found out soon enough that the girl is 'sassy'. She tells strangers her unsolicited opinion and bullies him into doing ridiculous things. Despite their differences, the two became close and got themselves in a complicated relationship. Halfway through the film, they wrote each other a letter (with the girl's insistence) and kept it inside a time capsule which they buried under a tree. They agreed to part ways until exactly two years later to read the letters together.

I must look crazy whenever I watch this film, laughing and crying alternately (simultaneously at times) during my favorite scenes! Yep, scenes. With an 's'. There are a lot of nice ones in this movie... Especially the part when the girl plays Pachelbel's Canon in D. That scene melted my heart! @.@

My Sassy Girl, being a major success, is now considered a classic Korean romantic comedy. It even has American and Japanese adaptations. I've seen the American remake and I have to say, nothing beats the original!

Here's a fun fact: According to Wikipedia, My Sassy Girl appears to be based on a true love story posted on the internet in a series of blog posts written by Kim Ho-sik, which were later turned into a novel.

I guess the odds could be many then. ;)



Anonymous said...

kelan ko kaya mapapanood to db? pls lang sana may sumama sakin panoorin to :'(<3

Anonymous said...

Hello, Anonymous! Manuod tayo minsan. Uso dibidi. :))

joselle jann cirineo said...

Martha, yung 10 rules :) I love that part ehh.

Fifthoffeb said...

Ganda nito! :)) Sa huli, sila parin pala.

Anonymous said...

would like to watch it some time...

Faye & Martha said...

@joselle jann cirineo:
Me too! Maski si Sassy Girl na-touch sa 10 rules. :)