Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pure Bliss

I have a question to ask and a confession to make. The question is "Do you believe in love at first sight?" and my confession is "Yes, I do." Normally, I'm not the type of person who would utter such declarations but someone made me change my belief.
Hi, Baby! :)

Although I knew of our impending meeting, I wasn't prepared when I finally saw him in person. I didn't think I could love someone upon laying eyes on them but last February, I did.

At first, I couldn't explain my feelings when I held hands with him. I wasn't afraid or anything so I just went for it. I took him in my arms and held him there for a long time. I tried to look into his eyes but they're closed. So I looked at his nose, lips, ears, and everywhere I could get my eyes on instead. It didn't take as much time as you'd think because he's only about a foot and half long.

I know I got you confused. I'm talking about my brand new nephew, of course! I was so amazed how a tiny being could bring out so much emotion from a person such as myself. I can't begin to imagine how his parents must feel. If I have to describe my 1st meeting with this little man, well, I just have to call it pure bliss.


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