Thursday, November 29, 2012

Up with the Sickness

I am sick and yes, still blogging. I had a fever last night and when I woke up this morning, I'm still a bit febrile. But you know what? With all the sore throat and sore muscles going on, instead of feeling crappy, I actually feel great! I've realized that being sick has its benefits, too. I made a list of reasons why:

1. You can take time off from work and not be guilty about it. It's not like you woke up late or you're too lazy... You have a real excuse this time. Haha.

2. Breakfast in bed. Need I say more? Thank you, Mom! :)

3. The special treatment you get. I have to admit, I secretly enjoy the pampering, attention, and 'get well soon' wishes. Hey, even my meanie brother is extra nice to me!

4. Comfort foods! That warm noodle soup or a bowl of your favorite fruit just tastes so much better when you're feeble. Sometimes, when you have a poor appetite, they'd give anything just to make you eat. Even your sinful cravings. Luckysonovabits.

5. You can keep track of your own time. No schedules! You can take a bath only when you want to. You can watch TV all day. You can sleep all day. You get my drift.

6. Weight loss. This is a case to case basis. Illnesses can cause unintentional weight loss at times. It has to do with an increased usage of energy when we're sick. For those who've been dieting to no success, don't deliberately make yourself sick now, okay?

Of course, these luxuries have its limit. You can't be unwell forever. You won't enjoy that, surely. The point of the things I've mentioned above is that you don't get to experience it often. And when you recover and go back to normal the next day, you're still a winner! You get to celebrate life and health. 

But for now, I'll bask in the glories of this rare opportunity.



Faye said...

1. You have to take icky medicine all day.
2. Whatever you say, people will still think you're just playing hooky.
4. Your parents are probably worried. In short, YOU made them feel bad.
4. You'll look awful. Well, in your case there will be no difference.

Feel better soon, Boybs! See you tomorrow.

Martha said...

I didn't make mom and dad feel bad! It's not their fault I got sick. It's not mine either.