Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

Since I tend to miss out on a lot of great movies (i.e. I might be the only person left in this planet who hasn't seen The Matrix or Transformers), I made a list of those I want to watch. During my free time last week, I began crossing things off the list. Surprisingly, I didn't enjoy the ones I thought I would.

One movie I did like was Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. It's a 2008 South Korean movie about three teenagers caught in a complicated love triangle. Two best friends, who are members of the band named 'Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do', strive to win the heart of the same girl.

Okay, so the story is quite ordinary, right? BUT it manages to remain interesting and entertaining throughout. I think the music adds a lot of appeal to the movie. Its main OSTs "Waiting for the Time" and "Full of Sunshine" are really good. Also, I'd be a hypocrite not to mention that I was compelled to the screen by the adorable and younger Jang Geun Suk! Aigoo oppa! :")

With all the teen angst, dilemmas, and heartaches in the plot, there's no doubt it's a coming-of-age movie.... It's not the shallow teeny-bopper kind though. As a matter of fact, it's deeply moving, pure, and heartwarming. I have to get a copy of this so I can watch it whenever I want to. Oh! and you should, too.



Anonymous said...

thumbs up for this! :)
miss you martha!! :)
-wendy :)

Faye & Martha said...

WENDY! I miss you more! :)