Saturday, May 26, 2012

Unexpected Happiness

Every year on my birth month, May, I try to do something special for myself. This year however I was to be away from my family and friends... For work (Surprise!Surprise!). On my birthday, my colleagues (from TWG) and I went to Baguio City, a few hundred miles from Manila.

Flowers & scarves
I was determined to make the day as regular as possible and not think of it as 'my day'. To be honest though I was a little bit down but tried to fight through it by being 'positive'. I made a mental list of why I should be thankful instead: I have my family, health, work, and friends. Plus, I'll be meeting new people and I owe it to them to be the best speaker I can be. They traveled far and will be away from their loved ones, too.

I was pleasantly surprised when my colleagues greeted me and later presented me with a dozen red roses and colorful scarves! I didn't think they'd remember my birthday and I was truly touched. Thanks, everyone!

Faye & Faye
Another speaker and my roommate in this trip is also named Faye! It was the first time I met her but she said she knew me already by sight. You see, our workplace is just a few buildings apart. As the days went on, I found out we have quite a few things in common, aside from our names. I'm glad to say I made a new friend.

To top it all, our seminar was a success! Life sometimes has a funny way of presenting itself. What started as a lonely journey turned out to be a happy, memorable one.



Anonymous said...

Love the graduation cap!!

Faye & Martha said...

Hehe... I love that both our teeth are showing. Ibig sabihin masaya. ;)

che said...

Same spelling pa talaga mare. ;-)